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Restaurant "Lo Zodiaco"

The pleasant and warm atmosphere of the Restaurant Pizzeria "Lo Zodiaco" hands the clients in an environment away from fashions and momentary tendencies.

The menu that Abdul and its staff introduce is variegated, with some flat typical of the Arabic cuisine and the savory cockerels to the fire (one of the flowers to the buttonhole of the Restaurant "Lo Zodiaco") and the mixed grigliates (cutlets of lamb, cost of it, sausages and cockerel), always accompanied wisely by vegetables crushes to the grate, oltra to a vast choice of pizzas rigorously crushes in the firewood oven.

The convivial evenings among friends are to the agenda, always to the insignia of the calm, without excesses and frenzies, where the reception and the smiles of Abdul and Nicoleta are the true "secrets ingredients" of the proposed dishes.

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