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Grilled Specialities

For lovers of grilled meat, the Restaurant "Lo Zodiaco" offers: Grilled (Sausage, 1/2 cockerel, pork chops, 2 vegetables), Fish with vegetables (Orata, branzino)...

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Restaurant "Lo Zodiaco"

The pleasant and warm atmosphere of the Restaurant Pizzeria "Lo Zodiaco" hands the clients in an environment away from fashions and momentary tendencies.

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The Restaurant Pizzeria "Lo Zodiaco" is found in the historical center of Oulx (TO) in the Valley of Susa to 80 kilometers from Turin.

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Lo Zodiaco Pizzeria

The pizza is one of the gastronomic symbols of Italy.
Yet, to do "the pizza" (not "a pizza") it is not easy because so much experience and so much passion it is needed.

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"Lo Zodiaco" Restaurant Pizzeria - Via Vittorio Emanuele 15 - Oulx (TO).

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